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Author - Steve Sampsonite

Submitted By - Steve Sampsonite This accident was not a near miss. This was  a flat out fatality. This happend around a year ago down in oklahoma after a tornado went through. The contractor i was working for was sent there to restore the power. One of our apprentices who just started doing hot work did something that you should not do. He decided to work on the primary at eye level on a 3 phase system 19.9/34.5 kv system. He had a handline in the bucket with him and got his feet tangled in it while working. (2 person bucket). He got tangled up and fell forward and his face went into the primary and got fried. I wasn't at the scene so i dont know what else had happend, but from what i know, always you should work from beneath what your working on. Never on top, or at eye level.
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