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Author - Don Schultz

Submitted By - Don Schultz

I'm a lineman in Quesnel British Columbia[Canada]. We as in Leo Quirks letter have had a great deal of cutouts break. Our systems are 12kv,25kv,and 19/9kv. We have had some chance c/o's break but most of our porcelain c/o's are made by ABB and are only six to seven years old. All the 19/9kv c/'s have been changed out to ABB poly cutouts and we have an ongoing program to change out the rest.We are in a high risk area for breakages due to our extreme variations in tempatures especially in the winter months.This is not to point fingers a the manufactuers but send a message that mechnical things break down eventually and how important it is for all of us be vigilant and work save.Our families depend on us to come home safe at end of the day. Yours Truely Don Schultz.

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