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Author - Unknown

Submitted By - Joe Gant

The Linesmen scales his lofty pole
And works there in the sun,
When days are warm and soft
and bright At times it's almost fun.

But when lightning rips the sky
And limbs go crashing down,
The Linemen leaves his bed to take
The toughest job in town.

Through tangled maze of brush and wires
He picks his cautions way,
Where fallen lines from overhead
Like waiting vipers lay. T

he coldest, wettest, wildest time
Caprice of nature brings,
While we sleep out the roaring night
His telephone will ring.

In alleys filled with trash and cans
Down muddy roads and farms,
He labors hour after hours
To keep us safe and warm.

He brings us light and heat and power
To drive away in the chill,
Let's thank him by not grumbling
when We pay our service bill.


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