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Armed Robbery

About ten years ago me and another troubleman were switching in one of the worst parts of town. It was about 4 AM and the job was almost finished. One of the back shift supervisors had been following us around for a little while. I dont think he was looking for safety violations I think he was just bored. Anyway my buddie was up in the bucket, we were opening a tie switch the last part of the job. I see this guy walking down the street, and he comes over to us. I thought I saw something shiny in his hand. Next thing you know Im looking down the barrel of this gun. My buddie doesnt see any of this and comes walking around the side of the truck right into the middle of everything. Well the guy wants money, so not wanting to get my brains splattered all over this alley I take out my wallet and my buddie takes out his wallet. I had about five dollars all in ones in the billfold, I also had about $150 tucked in the side pocket. This fool doesnt take the wallet but wants me to take the money out and give it to him. O.K. I said. My buddie had about a dollar in his wallet he gave it to the guy. The boss was trying to get his wallet out and the guy turns and runs away. We never did find out what spooked him. I guess we were pretty lucky. Oh yeah, it was the boss's first night back on the street in about fifteen years. He didnt come out anymore.

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