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Author - Tracy Albert

Submitted By - RadonHuffer

We got a rather cryptic trouble call that the street lights where out on a whole block, It was in one of the neighborhoods that the police won't go in.

I went in the morning because many of the bad guys work 3rd shift in this neighborhood and early morning is pretty safe.

As I pulled up on the hood I noticed every globe was missing from every light for at least 2 blocks. The dummys shot out every light for 2 blocks and many fixtures had 10 -12 bullet holes in them, Thankfully they where shooting at the bulbs and not the power doors so the repairs went pretty quickly and an elderly resident had called me aside and offered me a cold soda and let me know that she was the one that called in the complaint. She also stated that she feared for her life every night because of the hoodies. Her and her deceased husband had bought the home in 1946 after he came home from the war and the neighborhood declined after.

I thanked her for the soda and got back to work, I was almost done when the rap music came pounding out of a decrepit house and a young man came out the front door with a long gun and pointed it my way!  I was still in the air trying to patch the bullet holes in the top of the street light when he fired a round my way.

The bullet struck the tree about 3 feet away while I was descending. Buttoning up, Dialing 911 and getting on the radio seemed like a single event as I turned around in the cul de sac and I could hear the sirens coming.

The police dragged the perp from the house and ask if he was the one, it was.

They seemed perplexed that I did not leave the scene and asked me why?

My reply: I have a 26,000 pound truck. If I am gonna take a bullet I am parking the truck on the perps chest come hell or high water!

The investigation found that the crack dealers liked the lights out at night so they could peddle their crap.

Honest Indian.

Tracy D. Albert, AKA RadonHuffer.

Saginaw, Michigan. USA

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