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Author - matt

Submitted By - matt

a couple of years ago me and my work mate were sent out to a no supply call and a farm by bromsgrove "england" .When we turned up we had a look about and realised all it was ,was the trip in the fuse box in the house so we just fliked it back up the lights came on said bye and pulled out of the farm.

Just outside the farm was a big entrance to a feild so being a nice day with some time on our hands we decided to pull up and make a cup of tea, we were sat there enjoying the sunsine when the wind started to pick up a bit and then we heard a Bang , so we looked up and saw that a loose branch had blown off the top of this tall ash tree and caught on the lv line feeding the farm ,before we could do anything it went bang bang bang then convenitely fell on the drive of the farm.It took us quite a while to cut the tree and pull the line back up, not to mention the pissed off farmer.

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