Youngstown Glove Company

Youngstown Glove produces performance work gloves. We use high quality materials and sew them into modern, ergonomic patterns. We reinforce the critical wear areas on the fingers and palm to ensure a longer life and better protection. We source countless materials to find the very best quality and combinations of flexibility, abrasion resistance and comfort.

Youngstown Glove was founded in 2002 with the launch of a concise line of performance work gloves created for industrial and construction workers. Youngstown quickly gained a following of brand enthusiasts who appreciated the durability and quality of our gloves.

Throughout the 2000’s, we have continually expanded our distribution and our extensive offering of technical hand protection. In addition to our outstanding durability, we became known for our Waterproof Winter gloves and Kevlar® Lined Cut-Resistant gloves. In 2005, Youngstown became the first performance glove licensee of DuPont™ Kevlar® brand fiber. In 2007, and since, we have had the Internet’s #1 selling Waterproof Winter Performance Glove - the Waterproof Winter Plus.


In recent years, we have continued our first-to-market heritage by launching over a dozen styles of work gloves that are the first of their kind with our Arc Rated Series. We took our innovative, 3D glove patterns and applied them to the highest quality leathers. The result was a NO DRIP, NO MELT work glove that form fits to the hand and lasts for months. Using that template, we have added in some of our hallmark technologies (waterproof and cut resistant) to create a top-of-the-line offering of work gloves that are flame resistant, heat resistant, arc rated and form-fit. In 2019, we have introduced our Leather Protector line, ergonomically designed to fit perfectly over insulating rubber gloves.


As you can see on our site (, we take great pride in producing quality work gloves. The term QUALITY is often used loosely by marketers; however, it is something we take very seriously. We never ask ourselves how we can make something cheaper. We ask ourselves how we can make it better.