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Pole Protectors from Hastings Maintains Energy Infrastructure Featured

 HASTINGS, Mich.— As a worldwide manufacturer of hot line tools and equipment, Hastings understands the value of keeping energy infrastructure in the best condition possible and enabling line workers to do their jobs safely and efficiently. That’s why Hastings’ Pole Protector is an important product for electricity professionals to prevent tools from damaging poles being worked on.

Hastings’ Pole Protector guards a variety of poles from tools with a chain binder, including those made from fiber glass, concrete, and steel. A cushioned wrap attached to a rachet strap prevents the chain from digging into the pole and causing damage.

At seven feet long, Hastings’ Pole Protector fits all distribution and transmission poles and can be cut to the required size. It is easy to install with minimal setup. After wrapping the pole protector around a pole, placement is secured with the attached ratchet strap.

For additional information about Hastings’ Pole Protector, visit page 813 of Hastings’ online catalog.

Since 1959, Hastings has pioneered the design and fabrication of hot line tools to withstand today’s toughest field conditions. With a passionate commitment to innovation, Hastings’ products make the job safer and easier.

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