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Author - Saundra Corinth-Clark

Submitted By - Saundra Corinth-Clark

Richard L. Shutter
Born March 10, 1946
Lost his fight with Cancer on August 14, 2006


“Guardian Lineman” 

His soul will not sleep as long as there are lines to be made.
God made him a “Guardian Lineman” today.
42 years in the trade, lines built in 42 states they say.
He was absolutely one of the best; in the end God gave him the ultimate test.
With grace and courage he left us to go to the other side.
His beloved wife gently crying as she watched her husband die.
He was loved by many, but only really known by a few.
He journeyed to God and was made anew.
He promised to look after those he still needed to teach and loved.
It wasn’t long that he whispered that he was seeing “The Other Light” from above.
He swore to be on the pole with those who know how to ask.
A guiding hand on cold stormy nights; helping with the dangerous task.
I believe he already knew, by the twinkle in his eye,
Guardian Lineman” was his next big job in the sky…….
In Loving memory of “Papa” Your spirit will remain with us all.

Richard L. Shutter
Journeyman Lineman
Began his career in Local 1249, NY
He ended his 42 years of service in Local 396, NV
Written with Love by: Saundra Corinth-Clark

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