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Author - Margie Bones

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I Did The Two Step With My Son

I did the 2 step with my Son
Actually it was lots of fun.
Not on a dance floor did we be
But on a pole just him and me.

One step, two steps, here we go.
One step, two steps, up the pole.
What a challenge this can be
For a Grandma old as me.

One step, 2 steps, keep legs straight.
Not yet time to celebrate.
I can do it this I know.
One step, 2 steps, up the pole.

We did the 2 step up the pole.
Twenty feet that was our goal.
Legs are tired time to go
One step, 2 steps, down the pole.

One step, 2 steps, down the pole
On the ground our second goal.
I did the 2 step with my son
Making memories
Having fun.

Written by:Margie Bones, Creswell, Or.

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