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I was upgraded to troubleshoother in a city of 200,000 people. One of my calls after a quick wind and rain storm had hit on a summer day took me to an old section of town. It was all overhead with the power lines out at the street. Our company policy says if you come upon a blown line fuse, go ahead and try one. My policy has always been patrol the line first then try a fuse. The line is several blocks long and several blocks wide. As I was getting close to the end of the patrol I turned a corner and the township highway crews were clearing a big tree from the roadway. As I visually followed the line from the poletop to the street level I noticed the 7200V primary wire and the open wire secondary had all been caught off to a tree with each wire having its own rope deadend. The road crew were such "neatniks" they had gotten the wires out from under the tree and had deadended it to another tree at waist level. It would have been very easy to originally put a new fuse in the cutout and re-energize the line and left the wires hot around the workers until one of them had walked into a 7200V line. Thank goodness for patrolling the line first.


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