Thursday, 28 May 2009 19:00


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Author - Matt

Submitted By - We were working on a 69kv sub tran line with 7200kv underbuild. We just got done wrecking out a span of three phase wire that went from a double dead end angle pole to the steel in the sub station. We were now working on the new double dead end angle pole that was to take the place of the old when I heard that indestinctable sound of a hot phase going to ground, ya know zzzz zzzzzz. When I finally found the source of the problem, I noticed that the guy wire on the old pole was coming into contact with the 7200 underbuild outside phase. This was caused when wrecking out the old wire it releved strian on the pole which put slack in the down guy. There were men on the ground, and that down guy was hot! Just a reminder to always pay attention to avoid accidents.  
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