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Submitted By - there is a ton of great info and horrific stories here, and by no means do i want to sound cruel, but it seems as though many of the tragic stories have a certain amount of "head in ass" weight that go along with them. I'm not talking only of the injured people, but of coworkers and supervisors as well. We are in a very dangerous proffession, which can also be very rewarding personally, and to your companies as well, if we all keep our heads in the game, communicate constantly, and help each other out. To those of you who are in this business and put under-qualified people in precarious situations- shame on you! To those of you who see this happen and do nothing about it, shame on you too. At the same time, thanks for sharing stories and giving all of us things to think about, as we should be every day we are on the job. Our company has done some great things safety wise to help ensure the safety of all employees, not only lineman, to make sure everybody goes home at night in one piece and with all of they're digits, some of which include, "post job briefings", in which we talk about things done well and things done wrong or which could have been improved on. Try it, it works. This will also include holding people accountable for every action that they take, which to me makes us all better in the long run. Continually assess your employees, your coworkers, and most importantly yourself, and make sure eveybody is doing all they can to provide safe environments. Production is definately one thing, but lives are always more important!
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