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Author - Jimmy Barron

Submitted By - Jimmy Barron

Charlie Cook passed away recently from health complications and a long life! This man was like many in this trade that gave so much of their life to keeping the lights on and raising a family in the poor wage regions of the Florida Panhandle.  Charlie served his time in the trade as a Journeyman Lineman and Foreman for Talquin Electric Cooperative of Quincy, Florida. Although known for his straight forward honest opinions! First he was a Mans Man, a Journeyman Lineman, a Devoted Father and a Great Friend to many.  I never felt like Charlie got the respect from those he served as he deserved, but rest assurred that many of us see the man in the highest Lineman Honors and are proud to call him a Lineman Brother. One note about Charlie, he loved to fish back on the Apalachicola River and was lucky enough to catch a fish out of a mud puddle! We will miss you Charlie! You have done your time hanging on the cross (power pole). May you rest in Peace!


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