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Hydro's Best Customer

My partner John and I were on on-call a few months ago and we responded to a part power/no power call. We knocked on the door and the customer explained there was part power in the house after he heard a bang by his stove. We entered the house because the meter base was in the basement beside the panel and went downstairs. The stove he was talking about was in the basement on the other side of the room. Our equipment was fine so we knew he must have taken out one of his main fuses. While I checked the fuses, John commented on the temperature in the basement. I noticed the baseboard electric heaters were on as the customer was giving us a list of the equipment he had in the house not working. His central air conditioner was the first item he was concerned about having back up running. John and I looked at each other at the same time as we realized he had his electric heat and air conditioner running at the same time. He was a little embarrassed after we filled him in on the cause of all the blown main fuses. I congratulated him on being Hydro's best customer and he asked us to keep it to ourselves as we went upstairs. John said, "Sure, my partner, you,
and I.......and all your neighbors we meet on the way back to the truck."


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