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Author - Larry Abraham

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"Behold, The Linemen"

O Linemen Linemen What is it thou feelest on thy pole, doest thou feel the energy racing, racing to and fro?
When thou hang from thy tree in the black starless night, doest thou remember the
scripture, were God said "Let there be light."
For in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, He is creator, controller, master of the universe.

O Wretched Linemen, When thy mission turns to error, in a moment upon thy rugged pole, nothing but God's grace will return thee, peace, calm, and control.
Day after day, month after month, and year after year, ye handle the power in the air with little or no fear. With thy rubber goods, thy belt, thy tools and safety line, ye think; the power, control and destiny is thine.

O Foolish Linemen Thy sharp pointed hooks take thee up and around, ye of all men should concider the cross, upon ye climb, six feet in the ground.
Dost it jog the circuits of thy memory, a pole, a story, and a hill called "Calvary."
A man divine went to thy cross one cruel day, no belt, no safety line, but sharp points did make him stay.

God manifest in the flesh, He went willing; beat, whipped, marred, to thy pole for the killing.
On thy cursed tree He yelled, "forgive them father, they know not what they do" and again, "it is finished";
He went to hell for me and you! The third day buried, this man rose again, resurrected destroying death, and the wages of sin.

O Dead Linemen, That is what thou surely art, can thou concider Jesus' gift, life eternal to come into thine heart.
Wilt thou place another pointed hook in thy dead corrupted wood, and fail to accept
Him, that paid the price thou never could.
Ye work, ye look up, and climb toward heavens place, never attained by thy righteousness, but the righteousness of His Grace!!!

-Larry Abraham

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