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There are easier ways of making a living
Than braving the wind and the cold.
Than working with something that can kill you:
It’s a trade for the strong and the bold.
There are people in stores and in offices
Who sit behind glass, looking out.
We look down from above, doing something we love;
Linemen like to laugh and to shout!
You see us when a storm leads to trouble,
When you lose your TV and lights.
We’re at our best, when the weather’s the worst,
And we’ll work at it night after night.
To restore power to your life of leisure,
To maintain our company pride:
That our work is good, and it’s understood,
The best linemen stand here at my side.
While we work, we compete with each other
For endurance, or how fast we can climb.
A silent killer resides when we work the lines live;
You rely on the man by your side.
There’s a trust that develops among linemen,
When a false move can cost you a friend.
So whatever you do, make sure that you
Come home safe, when your shift finally ends.
Mitch McClarty
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