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Author - Janet

Submitted By - Janet

My lineman and me
will soon be!!!
We will put up a great fight
so that we can make it right!
There will be calls in the middle of the night
That will take him from the one holding him tight!
His body and mind will be at work but is heart at home.
As for he knows he left his beautiful bride alone.
The storm is stronger and now with no power or heat,
He knows  now she needs her lineman to be all he can be!!
He will work hard and fast, even though he is wet and cold,
Cause he knows the warmth of what he will hold.
The power is back on and he is on his way
to let her know she kept him safe the whole way!!!!
Her tears and prayers staid over him tonight
Just so we could all have heat and lights!
She must share her lineman out there with you
But when he is home, she'll be all he ever knew!!!!!!
This is dedicated to my Lineman
William E. Thomas.
I love you baby!!!! 
                   From your Southern Bell!!!!!                         
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