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Monday, 30 July 2007 19:00


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My name is Dennis and I'm a journeyman troubleshooter of 18 yr. As I lost a friend using a material handler bucket hanging ocr's on a cluster mount 6 years ago. Many blamed the bucket as the problem. So let me take you there for a brief moment and you decide. The day was good and in the 70' s the ocrs to hang were cluster mounted on a 7200/12470 y system. The tailgate was held by Neil a 32 year vet. and an excellent climber. The "foreman " and our leader.
The line was not set in non auto as it was a routine exchange. Y phase was to be hung first by the material handler and a journeyman of 7 years. The line was by passed by the by pass cutouts. y phase was on a stick pin under the arms 12 " down. As the ocr was raised into place the jib boom would not raise enough to place the ocr on the mounting bracket. the winch was sucked all the way up to the metal head touching the metal hook and the ocr. Approx. 1 "was needed to get it on the hanger. Y phase jumper was in the way on the side of the pole. The journeyman and the foreman talked that the 7200 v jumper was OK with one hose on and the bucket was insulated and so was the Samson line.No additional cover up would be needed. Neil said he would just climb up and lift the ocr the 1 " needed to set it on the hanger and help tighten the bolts. upon ascending the 40/4 pole he strapped on his hooks belt hard hat and leather gloves. As Neil grabbed the ocr he cradled it across his body lifting it the 1". That is when the boom flexed as the weight was taken off when the foreman lifted the ocr. up into the y phase jumper and energizing the head of the jib boom the hook, to the ocr in Neil's arms. Fire erupted and our foreman
went limp but not unconscious. The man in the bucket cut his safety lose and proceeded to take him to the ground. Cloths on fire and flaming the groundman rushed to put out the fire on our leader. Neil didn't lose conscious as it seemed like forever to get the EMS squad to him . 18 hours later we lost a dad, a friend and a leader.... That is when I realized " it takes less time to cover up than it ever does to heal up ." This could have been prevented with the use of one more rubber hose. Thank you for your time.


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