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Tuesday, 31 July 2007 19:00


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Fall During Training

I saw the Ronnie Thompson story personally I worked at Lakeland Electric for 15 Years. Ronnie made a very good video that all Linemen need to see it will make you do a lot of thinking about what you do. Also the job Ronnie was working on was only done because an engineer did not want to leave some dead wire in an easement. Or should I say so called engineer it looked good on paper to him. I am now a Safety Specialist with the City of Tallahassee But I still Keep in touch with my Friends in Lakeland. I left Lakeland due to injury as well I cutout 26 feet up a highline pole while in Training. I was being timed so got in hurry and cutout made for very bad day Broke both feet so now I am visual aid. Don't get in a hurry Being able to play with mama and the kids is much more important BE SAFE.

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