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Tuesday, 31 July 2007 19:00


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we had a fatality here at Canadian valley electric coop during this 2000-2001 ice storm here in Oklahoma. our contractor lost an employee to back feed working on a single phase line coming off of three phase. he went up to lower the wire on a busted pole. he had already been up once and touched it but they went back to get more tools and when they came back and he climbed the pole, evidently back up line a three phase motor was turned on or a bank was energized ( a lot of oil field) the phase became energized and he didn't have grounding chains on he made contact with the phase. they had to go out of the blind and get some help to get him off the pole. he died on the way to Tulsa during the med flight. he worked for Gordon construction out of stigler, OK. his name was Dustin Price and he was in his early twenty's. a waste of human life simply because it wasn't grounded. please please ground it when working on it no short cuts they are not worth it do it safe and go home please.

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