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Submitted By - We were called to a house for a low service line. Upon arrival I noticed the  line was in very good shape and high enough. The lady came out and said she was worried about the wire being so close to her house. I assured her there was no danger and the wire was all insulated. She insisted it was dangerous and said ever time she went in the room she can smell the electricity. I looked at my buddy and asked her what she smelled. She said every time she goes into the bedroom she can smell the electricity. I causally told her to get an electrician and pass the roof mast through the roof. We will then attach our service cable over the roof and the smell would go up in the air and not in her house. She agreed to do so. On our way back to the office we discussed how the electrician will react when she ask him to do the job.

Great job, wouldn't do anything else.

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