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Wednesday, 18 July 2007 19:00


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Submitted By - I live and work in SW Fl.During the summer is our rainy season.We will work till we get rained out.We have the worst lightning storms in the country.So on a fine soggy Fl afternoon,we gave up about 3pm.We headed for the show-up,but got called to do trouble. We worked all afternoon and into the evening.Systems operators were sending men home as most of the work was done. I had just refused a 25kva,and called into report "In and holding". I was informed a call had been missed,and to go to a address around the block,clear it up,and it would be the last for the night.I get to the address go to the door,and tell the folks I have to get past the locked gate to look at the pole.No problem,come on in ,just get my lights on please.I see trees grown into the neutral and primary,and use my extendo stick to clear them up.I drive around the block to a adjacent empty lot so I can use my truck light and hand light to shine on the switch.The switch is hanging crooked and about eat the door when I finally pop it out.First cuss word.Can't set the truck up,two wheel drive,can't climb,spare truck and my hooks are in my truck about 30 mins away.(never made that mistake again) After four trys and the door bouncing off my hard-hat twice,I get the door in and the lights come on in four house's. Two house's are clapping and the other two are shouting out thank-yous.Now I start counting cuss words and try to do the math on how many calls will go to co-op,and try to figure out how many un-paid days off that adds up to.About the time I figure I will go to each home and say I am sorry for the words I had been using,a man shouts out not to worry about my language because everybody in the neighborhood works for a living and that is mild for a Friday night.All the other folks say the same, and while I'm driving home I think ,well, could have went fishing on those days but keeping a job and the overtime is good to.Now I watch my language even when I know I am alone in a backyard at night.
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