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Periodic Buzz

Up until a few years ago we had to rotate a second shift crew in the summers. one call we got one afternoon was a "buzz" in the wall. when we arrived at the house we first went to the breaker box as it was located on the outside of the house (first guess-water in the panel box) and they were standing in the door and knew we were there. panel box ok and dry.then they came to the door and said "did ya hear it , it just did it. while the foreman and other lineman were at the panel box I went inside to see what I could find there. the lady said if ya just stand here for a minute ya,ll hear it. so I stood inside the door till it did it again. hmmm seemed to be coming from the other side of the living room witch is also the wall that the panel box is on outside (second guess-loose wire inside wall at panel box). I stick my head outside and ask if they heard that. They're standing in front of the panel, they had to! "no" nothing. next I went over and stood at the end of the couch and end table, and while I'm looking for outlets now (thinking that's what shorting out) it buzzes again. now I'm thinking I'm nuts too. so I pull the couch out a bit to have a look behind it and as I put my head between the lamp on the end table and the end of the couch bzzzzzzz right by my ears. I jumped, damn near knocked the lamp off the table, the lady screamed cause I spooked her, and there it was, a pager that someone had set on vibrate and clipped to the inside of the lampshade. (when you get a page and you don't cancel or acknowledge it , itkeeps going off every few minutes until you do.) needless to say we all  had a good laugh. Then her teenage daughter comes in the room and says"oh, my pager, where'd you find it, I been looking all day for that!" geez go figure!

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