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Shocked At The Water Meter

I was dispatched one day to a customers home where when I arrived, he said he had gotten shocked at his water meter. The customer said he had noticed about a couple weeks ago when he would go to the kitchen to get a glass of water that it would be warm coming from the cold water side, so he called an eletrican to come look at his waterheater, but everything checked out o.k., so he and his wife were going out of town one day so he decided to kill his main, for fear the house might catch on fire until he could figure out the problem. When they returned from there trip he turned the main back on , of course the water was warm again when he ran it from the cold water side, so for some reason he went outside to the watermeter and proceded to cut the water off, when he reached down to touch the meter he got "SHOCKED". That's when I arrived and put my rubber gloves on and with my volt meter touched the watermeter and the
ground and read 80 volts, was I puzzled, so I had him to go into the house and to began killing each breaker until I lost voltage, finally he killed the
breaker feeding his heat pump and the voltage stopped ( the house had all copper pipe for plumbing and his box was grounded to the pipe, something in the unit was going to ground.( Before we killed the voltage, every faucet around the house read a little better than 80 volts)

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