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Author - E.R. I.

Submitted By - I was doing service lats on a saterday afternoon and being newly married was in a hurry to get home, my helper and I had 4 homes to do so I located the stubs and dug trenches while he laid out al the wire and hung meter pans.  Once everything was open, I was to do two houses and he would do the other two, now he waas new and did not have an ID number yet so I told him to use mine on all his splices( BGE requires all splices be tagged with ID number and date) he had worked at a local OH Lighting contractor so I assumed I could trust him to do splices. Voltage check, 120/240, backfill trenches, all is well.  About 2 weeks later my boss ask me about the addresses and I said yeah I did them and they are all fine, well it turns out the houses he did had both faulted open about 3 days apart.  I ask him to show me how to do a splice and he proceeds to strip the wire correctly and put the ends into the splice while commenting how muce he love these new "press to fit" splices while never even thinking to use a crimp tool!!  Needless to say a 2 day suspension taught me to NEVER allow anyone else to use my ID number again.
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