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Author - tom

Submitted By - tom We had a bad wind storm come through one night,i was on call,  i called in 2 crews and a 2 year apprentice. i have been a journeymen for over 1 year now, so i had taken the young apprentice to check out a part power call at 3 phave, 3 transfomer  225kva in total, at a welding shop. when we got there, we seen the switch was open on one of the transformers. i told him to set up the truck and i would talk to the customer.  i came back and said that i would go up and get the switch blade, give it to him, he could refuse it and i would check things out.  he said he refused it, with the charts on the truck for the transformer, i got the 15 foot P2 stick and closed it in. the problem was he put in the wrong size of fuse, he put in a fuse 30 amps bigger then what was to suspose to. the transformer faulted, blew up the switch, the switch arm, burnt off drop lead and kick out the phase. when i put the bucket back in to the rest, the apprentice was very up set with what has happen, i manage to keep calm and tell him that sometimes it is best to check things twise before doing something. i guess all in all, sometime check something yourself.
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